vocals & guitar

Cinematic and spectral, Odessa Chen’s music is a journey, intimate as a long held secret. Each song,
like a tiny rowboat maneuvering in the dark, transports us to the deepest part of the lake where the stars
shine brightest.

Traveling through despair towards transcendence, through stark winters to hazy summers, each haunting
memory and snapshot in time speaks of the romance of heightened experiences, pivotal moments, and
the rush of love. Resonating with influences of folk, alt-country, rock, and classical choral music, Odessa’s
songs reach from the autobiographical towards the universal.

In recent years, lush orchestral arrangements have given way to a sparer approach. She is currently
writing songs for a stripped down album titled Giving up the Ghosts.

Odessa has been featured on MTVU and NPR and has toured the U.S. and Europe. Over three albums
she’s worked with Roger Riedlebauer (Jolie Holland), Devin Hoff (Nels Cline Singers, Xiu Xiu), and
Rich Douthit as well as Wilco’s Nels Cline and drummer Scott Amendola.

In 2013 she released two EP’s with the chamber classical Invisible Stories Ensemble. She is half of
electronic dance duo The Great Fires with Nyles Lannon (Film School) and has appeared on major
label releases as a session singer.

Odessa was born in Baltimore, Maryland to a physicist, organist, choir director, father. Her mother is
a nationally recognized painter and art teacher.


stand-up & electric bass

As a bassist and bandleader, Devin Hoff has played thousands of shows, including every-thing from
benefits to punk clubs to major jazz festivals throughout North America, Europe, and India, as well
as contributing to hundreds of recording, television and radio projects.

He has played regularly with the likes of Vijay Iyer, Nels Cline, Graham Connah, Ben Goldberg, Howard
Wiley, Carla Kihlstedt, Scott Amendola, Hugh Ragin, and Carla Bozulich.

Currently one-half of Good For Cows (with drummer Ches Smith), one-third of the Nels Cline Singers,
and one-fourth of the Devin Hoff Committee, he is also working on a record of solo bass music due
out in the spring of 2003.


Rich Douthit’s subtle, atmospheric style lends his projects a distinctive sound. In addition to playing
with Odessa Chen, Rich plays in The Drift (on Temporary Residence), Boxcar Saints, and Winfred
E. Eye. Past bands include, Jargon and Fort Erie. He is a sought after session player, recording with
Halifax Pier and Rykarda Parasol among others.



Roger Riedlbauer’s varied projects have gained him recognition as both a versatile and gifted guitarist.
Studying improvisation and composition under Art Johnson and Rick Helzer at SDSU, he relocated
to the Bay Area in 1997, where he began composing and performing as a freelance guitarist.

The ease with which Riedlbauer approaches his instrument, is such that can only be gained from years
of experience. His technical mastery and diverse musical palette, allow him to shift effortlessly from
delicate melodies to gritty heart-stopping noise. There may be a surplus of guitarists, but few share these
rare qualities which have attracted musicians and audiences alike.

Riedlbauer has established himself as a vital member of the music scene, performing with Jolie Holland,
Sean Hayes, the Halifax Pier, and Odessa Chen and collaborating with numerous filmmakers and visual
artists for multi-media performances. Serving as lead guitarist for noir rock band Boxcar Saints and
experimental jazz ensemble Transmission, Riedlbauer has recently expanded his range to include
songwriter and singer for the band the Cannery, on Awful Bliss Records.

While he has toured extensively in both the U.S. and abroad, Riedlbauer has also made his mark as a
recording artist. His catalog includes Last Things (Boxcar Saints), There Is Life In This Old Land
(the Cannery) the Hollow Sea (Transmission), and All is Fair (Spork).



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