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Archives of the Natural World Nine Song Album, 2014

Written and Arranged by Odessa Chen


A art-concept record about endangered and extinct animals and our relationship
with the environment featuring Devin Hoff, Roger Riedlebauer and Rich Douthit.

1.Deer Perspectives 05:21
2.The Wild Parakeets of the Carolinas 03:15
3.Horses are Knowing (don’t wake the dawn) 05:22
4.First a Wolf, Now the Wind 05:28
5.Lesser Creatures 04:44
6.Oh, Atlantis! 04:59
7.The Mercy of Sound 03:59
8.Cinders 05:11
9..Archives of the Natural World 04:34


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The Act of Loving You Four Song EP, 2013
Arranged by Max Stoffregen Songs written by Odessa Chen


This collaboration with arranger Max Stoffregen and The Invisible Stories Ensemble
features four new songs with avant classical chamber-pop arrangements.
1.Our Hearts’ Boom Boom 05:09
2.Spring Comes On 05:27
3.Objects May Be Closer 04:42
4.The Act of Loving You


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Invisible Stories Seven Song EP, 2013 (with previously released material)
Arranged by Jonathan Russell based on Arrangements and Songs written by Odessa Chen
This collaboration with arranger and musical director Jonathan Russell and The Invisible
Stories Ensemble features six previously released and one new song with classical chamber-pop arrangements.

1.Snow Angels 05:26
2.Kill the Lights 04:31
3.The Ballad of Paper Ships 04:18
4.Between Twilight and the Morning 03:31
5.Ave Maria 06:03
6.Small Birds 05:27 7.Harm 05:21


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The Ballad of Paper Ships
Eight Song Album, 2007
Written and Arranged by Odessa Chen
Using the paper ship as a metaphor forthe fragile, handmade nature of love,the songs navigate around dark memories and places of tenderness and joy. Cello, double bass, bells, glasses and french horn lend texture to the arrangements. Featuring Nels Cline, Devin Hoff and Rich Douthit.

1.Kill the Lights 04:33
2.Made Up My Mind 04:57
3.Harm 05:41
4.The Weight of Love 04:20
5.Small Birds 05:53
6.The Ballad of Paper Ships 04:26
7.Ave Maria 05:33
8.The 4th of July 04:17


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One Room Palace
Seven Song Album, 2003
Written and Arranged by Odessa Chen
This critically acclaimed debut CD features Scott Amendola, Devin Hoff, Matt Brubeck, and
established the distinctive sound that carries through Odessa’s work.

1.For a Song 06:27
2.One Hit (Wondering Why) 04:03
3.Where Heaven Should Be 05:16
4.Side by Side 03:24
5.Fringe 03:31
6.Default 05:51
7.Snow Angels 05:38
8.Sleep Music for Jeff 01:53

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